Weekend Menu 25,00€

Menu available on Saturday and Sunday

Mussels with marinara sauce
Fried coast mixed fish with saffronmayonnaise and toasted garlic
Can Sabata’s traditional snails "a la llauna"
Grilled artichokes with romesco sauce and Iberian ham
Stewed beans with seasonal mushrooms and eggs
Typical catalan stew ( Escudella ) with meat and "galets"
Endive salad with marinated sardines and onion

Main courses
Creamy rice with velvet crabs (min. 2 people)
Seafood Paella or Fideuá (min. 2 people)
Paella or Fideuá "mar y montaña" (sea and mountain) (min. 2 people)
Black rice or Fideuá with aioli (min. 2 people)
Dry rice with “rockero” octopus (min. 2 people)
Duck rice with mushroom and foie (min. 2 people)
Asparagus, mushroom and truffle rice (min. 2 people)
Codfish confit with Santa Pau beans
Veal cheek with "calçots"
100% Iberian pork pluma (boneless flank)
Desserts of the day
Wines 'D.O. Penedès' or Cava Brut Nature
or beer or mineral water and bread basket

Price per person - V.A.T. Included